The day the Stephen Jackson rumors died

November 16th, 2009 by John Krolik

S-Jax has gone to Charlotte, which means he won’t be coming to Cleveland. As many times as I tried to talk myself into what S-Jax may have brought, I’ve gotta admit a huge wave of relief just overcame me. I’m amazed G-State was able to get rid of him and take back that little salary, and a little sad it had to end this ugly for Captain Jack in the bay.

Update: Here’s Windhorst’s take on the situation-in a nutshell, the Warriors wanted talent for Jax and not just a salary dump, which the Cavs weren’t willing to do.

Double-Update: Here’s Hollinger on the trade (insider), and he’s flat-out baffled by the fact the Warriors took Charlotte’s offer over Cleveland’s. I see the rumored Cleveland offer as having some question marks there-a Wally sign-and-trade might have been tricky, and I still find it hard to believe the Cavs were willing to give up West. But if Hollinger’s sources are correct on what the Cavs’ offer was, I agree that this was a strange decision for the Warriors.

Triple-Update: Stein says the Cavs weren’t willing to pull the trigger at the end of his nice writeup, which makes more sense from where I’m sitting, but whatever the case was the result is that we will almost definitely not be seeing Jackson in a Cavs uniform anytime soon.