Recap: Cavs 115, Bobcats 101 (Or, Did the Cavs just take care of business?)

January 3rd, 2012 by John Krolik

Overview: The Cavs easily dispatched the struggling Bobcats at home to improve their record to 3-2. Kyrie Irving had his best game as a pro, scoring 20 points on 8-10 shooting from the floor and recording six assists without a single turnover.

Cavs-Related Bullets:

Oh, so THAT’S why Kyrie was the consensus #1 overall pick in the draft. Kyrie was in complete control, reading every screen perfectly, swishing jumpers when they were open, making the smart pass, and going to the rim when the driving lane was there. The Bobcats are playing some of the worst defense in the league right now, but that was an absolutely gorgeous performance from Kyrie, and one that makes you think he could lead the Cavs into a brighter future. And how about that chase-down block?

TRISTAN THOMPSON. SUPERBEAST. This is a weird game to analyze for him, because he had more great plays than he’s had in any game this season, but his final line suffered because he got a little cocky offensively and took a lot of shots that he really shouldn’t be taking yet. After he swished that first step-back jumper, he tried a lot of shots and dribble moves that he shouldn’t be trying in games yet, and he only finished with 16 points on 16 shots.

Still, when Thompson was doing his thing, he was a MONSTER. He finishes with as much authority as I’ve ever seen a Cavs big finish with, he’s a junkyard dog around the rim, he gets off the floor quickly and with power, and his block on B.J. Mullens was freaking epic. I will not completely concede Tristan over Jonas until next season, but I am absolutely loving TT right now.

Jamison with a classic Jamison scoring night: 19 points on 16 shots, with baskets from everywhere on the court. Jamison does seem to be playing with a lot more energy on both sides of the floor this year — whether it’s because Varejao and TT’s energy is infectious, Jamison is 100% healthy, or Jamison is in a contract year, he’s actually playing like he gives a crap this season.

Anthony Parker is going to be making open threes from the corner until he’s 46 years old. It helps that Kyrie set him up with some absolutely beautiful dimes on Tuesday night.

Casspi really has to start being less of a disaster.

A dominant win over a clearly inferior team for the Cavs on Tuesday. Not many times you could say that last year. Things are going to get tougher when the 3-point shooting regresses to the mean for Cleveland, but it’s not a bad time to be a Cavs fan right now, especially since Kyrie and TT are both looking like the real deal.