Recap: Cavs 90, Bobcats 79 (Or, Delonte’s Back and there’s gonna be trouble.)

October 31st, 2009 by John Krolik

Overview: Spurred on by Delonte West’s triumphant return and Mo Williams’ continued return to form, the Cavs comfortably put away the offensively-challenged Bobcats.

Cavs-Related Bullets:

Keeping it short because it’s Halloween:

-Mo gets the first bullet tonight. Looking fantastic tonight, putting down his signature three from the left corner behind a screen, a corner dive behind a Varejao back-screen, drives to the hoop, everything. The lane was a little clogged when he drove and tried to create, but Mo is shooting. And by the way, I’ve always been a little skeptical of the “Godfather” music for Mo. But tonight, he set a screen on Gerald Wallace, injured his hip, then comfortably drained a three as Wallace was writhing in pain. That’s a bucket that warrants some Nino Rota music right there. By the way, “injure Gerald Wallace and score a 4-on-5 bucket” is something that could be in a playbook.

-LeBron was extremely passive, but had an efficient night anyways and managed to set the tone.

-DELONTE’S BACK, BABY. An open three from the corner, pushing on the break, getting gritty steals, some beautiful step-back jumpers, hustle plays to free up the team, and everyone benefited. Beyond good to see him back on the floor.

-However, AP made a strong case for his starting spot, hitting every open jumper available to him.

-Also, Z throwing down off the bench. Love it. 5 blocks? 5 blocks. On another world defensively than Shaq.

-Speaking of Shaq’s D, of the 14 points Charlotte got against the Cavs’ starting 5, 8 were a direct result of Shaq getting abused on the PnR: 3 easy Felton jumpers and 1 Chandler alley-oop when Shaq tried to show. Ugh.

-Andy all over the place, and looking like the guy we gave the big contract to. This team has looked great, although the teams they’ve played have been terrible. But it’s good to be at .500, I’ll tell you that.

Bullets of Randomness:

In lieu of describing the Bobcats, let’s go through my top 3 Halloween costume ideas for this year.

#1: This is what I ended up going with: a cardboard box around the waist duct-taped to my shirt, and 3 mylar balloons clipped to my belt. Balloon Boy FTW. Pictures available upon request.

#2: Spiked hair, Ed Hardy shirt, tight jeans, and a piece of paper on the chest that says “-9.” Jon minus 9.

#3: Crazy hair, stutter shades. Go with friends. When asked about costumes, make sure one of your friends goes first, then interrupt and say “You’ve got a great costume and I’ma let you finish, but (either say I or Beyonce) has one of the best costumes of ALL TIME!

Alright, campers, Happy Halloween. See you next week.