Links to the Present: November 30, 2011

November 30th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

Fear the Sword has two articles of interest today: one on whether or not the Cavs should “amnesty” Baron Davis right away, and one on the possibility of the Cavs making a splash in free agency. Those issues are, of course, interrelated:

“While it seems obvious that the Cavaliers would want to relieve themselves of one of the worst contracts in the league, I’m not so sure that they should. If they waive Baron Davis, you are essentially paying for him to play for another team. The Cavs are still responsible for paying his salary and he is free to be claimed by another team. It is well known that teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat would be interested in acquiring Davis’ services for relatively cheap.” [Conrad Kaczmarek]

“Just keep in mind that the Cavaliers’ strategy going forward should be to build through the draft, partly because it’s the most proven way to build a contender, and also because it is very hard to lure free agents to Cleveland. Any FA we pick up should be a complimentary piece with some measure of youth. Someone on the incline not the decline. So temper enthusiasm with a healthy dose of home-brewed Cleveland doubt and pessimism.” [Patrick Elder]

It also appears the Cavaliers will receive an extension on their TPE, according to Sam Amico over at FSOhio.

And this isn’t Cavs-related, but anytime one of the best five players in the league might be on the move, I feel compelled to pass the news along. The Nets are putting together a proposal for Dwight Howard in an attempt to create a Howard and D-Will-centric squad for their impending move to Brooklyn.