Henry Abbott on the Lockout

November 18th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

Henry Abbott wrote yesterday on why the league is attempting to create parity in vain:

With the money essentially agreed to, the entire season is in jeopardy because of a nasty fight over “system issues” the NBA says it wants in order to give 30 teams a shot at the title, but that the finest experts insist would do little if anything to get that done.

The players fought hard on system issues because they have real things at stake — from the ability as free agents to join a team where they’ll be happy to the years of guaranteed income they’ll be able to secure.

The owners, though, are tanking the season in the name of a victory that would make owners of also-ran teams

I recommend reading the entire article. It delineates why the mechanisms the owners want to employ to create league-wide parity won’t work.

And with that said, I’m gonna go draw a bath, stick my head into the water, and scream for the next twenty minutes.