Recap: Go Watch The Super Bowl

February 1st, 2009 by John Krolik


Overview: In a game that absolutely nobody is paying attention to, the Cavs dealt with a Pistons team that hung tough for three quarters but were ultimately done away with by a 15-2 LeBron-less run to begin the fourth quarter and some nice plays to close out the game by LeBron, Zydrunas, and Mo. The Pistons enjoy their first four-game home losing streak in eight years.  Cavs-Related Bullets: Full disclosure: I slept through the first quarter because I was up all night watching Federer-Nadal.  Here’s a fun fact: the Cavs won this one despite having a -8 with LeBron on the floor. LBJ played a pretty nice game himself, not showing any hesitation to go to his jumper and having some success with it (3-6 on threes that weren’t buzzer-beaters, and a nice 45% eFG on jumpers for the night), and occasionally taking the lane for a couple nice finishes, although his free-throw stroke didn’t come with him tonight. Z came back and had a law of averages experience, going 1-8 on jumpers in the first half, but LeBron continued to have confidence and set him up for jumpers in the second half, and he went 3-6, including two threes and two clutch fouth-quarter jumpers.

Mo was another great midrange shooter who kept his confidence though a 2-8 jump shooting performance in the first half to pull the Cavs to victory by going 5-6 in the fourth.

NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS WHEN SASHA PAVLOVIC DRIBBLES. EVER. It’s comical at this point. Pavs’ ball-stopping replacing Delonte’s ball-happiness was a major reason the offense looked so stagnant for much of tonight’s game.

JVG: more insights like how Andy’s screening was freeing things up in the fourth quarter by varying which side he was putting it on, less schtick about not being invited to movies.

Bullets of Randomness:

I think AI really is hurting the chemistry of this team, but it is a joy to watch him play. He’s not lightning-quick anymore, but he’s relentless and has that great COD and he’s looking to score every time.

Rip should’ve played more minutes.

Rodney Stuckey: bottled up by LBJ for a 2-9 night.

Maxiell’s a 5-minute a night guy now? When did that happen?

Thing of the Game:

Wow, what a sports weekend. You had GSP-Penn last night (bought it with friends, bored but really impressed with GSP), Federer-Nadal in the early hours of this  morning (Holy Living Breathing Jesus), and LBJ-Pistons this morning. I’ve spent more hours watching sports this weekend than any I can remember in recent memory, and there’s still a Super Bowl to watch. Enjoy French Rap. My apologies if any of this language is improper. I do not understand it.