Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant (episode 16)

Happy Sunday everyone! (And go Browns, should you be so inclined.)

We’re back with the latest entry of Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, and sadly, today marks our third pictorial foray into the NBA lockout ripple effect. (For those keeping track, here are the first two: Barren NBA Website & the lonely NBA ball.)

Can we put an end to this already? Kyrie needs practice and the Cavs have to get their money’s worth for the one season Jonas Valanciunas is ineligible.

Is 50 games now the most likely scenario here? Even amidst the apparent reality that the NBA would be submarining itself during the upswing of a resurgence?

I honestly have no idea, but Brian Windhorst is tweeting pessimistically.

Not good for two reasons.

One—He’s usually right, and two—My birthday’s next week and the hottest place still open is Friendly’s.


(Picture by CFAAP.com, colors by AJS.)

Ryan Braun
7 years 4 months ago

Thanks guys!

@ Nupe: You know, last I heard with Kyrie was that he was going back to school to try and get a jump-start on finishing his degree (something I think I read he wants to do within 5 years). I’m hoping he’s just hanging around Duke, taking classes, and working out like a fiend because developing physically will be enormous for him. I think he’s good early and will be a blast to watch, but if he can solidify his body a little bit, then I think he really hits a stride around year 3-4.

The Nupe
7 years 4 months ago

LOL – Nicely done! This drawing (the concept at least) is one of your best. Strip clubs, call girls, aren’t going to see too many ballers ‘making it rain’. I’m sure weed sales are down too.

Has anyone heard from/of or seen Kyrie? I haven’t seen him or his name involved in any of the pro-am games. The only thing I recall was him playing a few minutes when Duke and some Alumni players went overseas. I saw some clipe of TT playing this summer, but Kyrie been pretty quiet. Maybe (I hope) he’s taking a lot of time and working out with trainers etc. A skeptic mind might think that he could have re-injured that toe of his and is trying again to heal. I hope that’s not the case, and as I said that’s a skeptic mind to think that way. But a ‘freak’ toe injury like that can either go away and never come back or come ball all the time. That’s whay it’s a freak thing because nobody really knows…

JT's Hoops Blog
7 years 5 months ago

High priced call girls must be feeling the pinch too. I don’t think strip clubs will lose too much considering the NFL and NHL play at around the same time. They can have that money made up easily.