Lockout Update

September 8th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

From ESPN.com via the AP newswire:

NBA owners and players met for about 5½ hours Wednesday, plan to resume negotiations Thursday, and could even sit down again Friday.

While neither side would say if progress is being made, the frequency of the discussions seems a good sign. They met only twice in the first two months of the lockout that began July 1.

But they went for about six hours last Wednesday, and decided they would go multiple days this week. Both sides said they could even carry over the discussions into a third consecutive day if things go well during Thursday’s session.

There was also a cryptic accidental tweet from Players’ Association VP Roger Mason of “Looking like a season. How u” yesterday, so interpret that however you like. It’s simultaneously encouraging and disheartening that the NBPA and the owners are finally sitting down together for an extended period of time, but this is the first granule of optimism floated NBA fans’ way in months. Here’s hoping Hunter, Stern, and Fisher find some common ground this week.