Let’s Everybody Get their recap on!

October 15th, 2009 by John Krolik

Jesus20Raves.jpg raver image by AmIDreaming78

Alright, so the tough part of my week finally appears to be over and I can focus on the important things in life, namely Cavs basketball. Thanks to NBA TV, I finally got a look at the new-look Cavs against the Wizards tonight, and here are some things that I thought.

-An Anthony Randolph/JaVale McGee frontcourt would probably be the most awesome thing ever.

-Boobie looked absolutely horrendous tonight; hopefully he’ll fit in better as a scorer off the bench, but he’s just not a point guard, at all, period, at this point.

-ULTIMATE JAWAD: 4-6 from beyond the arc tonight. As much as anything else, tonight’s game was proof that pretty much any legitimate NBA perimeter player is capable of knocking down open threes.

-On that subject, when the Cavs got Moon, pretty much every email I got from Raptors and Heat fans was a variation on the following: “He’s talented, but just wait until he starts launching threes. You will begin bludgeoning yourself with progressively sharper objects.” Even though Moon was efficient overall tonight, I saw what they were talking about. He’s a solid 3-point shooter when he sets his feet, but he sure does fall in love with that deep jumper.

-Anthony Parker: absolutely solid in all areas, from what I saw tonight.

-I’m more and more convinced in my statement that JJ Hickson is the most offensively talented big LeBron has ever played with until Shaq arrived. He’s got all the tools down low, and his shot selection tonight was impressive.

-Of course, Shaq was impressive tonight-while I thought he could have been more aggressive when single-covered by Oberto, he was much more comfortable than I thought he’d be in pick-and-roll sets, which is a huge, huge deal.

-Andre Barrett: Threatening to be the next Tarence Kinsey. I love him quite irrationally.

-Yup, Gilbert’s back. Looks like Cavs-Wizards 4 might be in the works after all this post-season.

-Finally, while he was in the wrong-colored jersey, it’s always fun to watch a pure shooter of Mike Miller’s caliber in a groove like he was tonight. Every time there was an open three, it was a foregone conclusion. Absolutely amazing to watch, even if Miller continues to operate under the delusion that he’s a point guard.

-Alright, campers, talk to you tomorrow. Here’s a gratuitous clip from Glee.