Links to the present: September 25th, 2009

September 25th, 2009 by John Krolik

Bipolar artwork.

Just when you think the 2010 stuff can’t get any weirder, here comes a horndog Russian billionaire. At some point, you really just have to admire the spectacle of the whole thing-we’re living a Christopher Buckley novel. And wouldn’t it be easier to tell us which Russian billionare’s don’t have rumored underworld ties? I have much, much, more on the delightful absurdity of this whole thing, but for right now, I DEMAND that this guy and Jay-Z get a reality show.

Free Agency season: officially over. According to Windhorst, the Cavs may be looking to add another guard, but I really don’t see who they’d be looking at with Felton, Flip, and everyone in between signed.

This week’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-inspired tangent: I’m not sure which NBA player would be most likely to peg a cyclist blocking their car with a beer bottle, but the NBA player most likely to use a bike as their primary mode of transport and carry a steel pipe in their backpack is, without a doubt, Matt Harpring.

Best TV moment of the night: Ryan from The Office reading I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. If you go see that movie and read this blog, please don’t tell me. The fact that that book adaptation is getting more buzz than today’s premiere of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men makes me feel icky about everything.