Tristan Thompson is Back in the Gym:

August 9th, 2011 by Ryan Braun

You want some basketball news, you got it. Our boy (the Canadian one) is on the court.

Jonas Valanciunas sucks

Via Holly McKenzie, at The Basketball Jones:

“While NBAers are balling all over America during this lockout, the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft is doing the same in Canada. Showing up for an open run organized by fellow Canadian and incoming University of Texas point guard, Myck Kabongo, Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson was also joined by Spurs rookie Cory Joseph. The trio of Longhorns put on a show.

The guys over at Photo Riot had photos of the run, and while it isn’t as packed as the Drew League in L.A. or as hyped as Dyckman in New York, it’s a glimpse into the future for Canadian basketball, where kids have their own hometown NBA guys to come out and see.”

The article’s worth checking out, and the video (right here) is even more so.

Whereas I, and essentially the whole Cavs: the Blog staff, threw a minor hissy upon Tristan’s drafting, I can safely assert that we all like the Cavs enough to want to look extraordinarily stupid for that.

And while I am as overreactive as they come…in the two minutes of highlights attached, TT stands out against some legitimate NBA talent (emphasis on “some,” but still…).

At the very least, we’ve drafted big and mobile.

And at the very best? Really, at best I can see where some of those “smarter Josh Smith” comparisons are coming from. (And I think I’m being honest with myself on that. He’s not quite as explosive, but he won’t be hovering around the 3-point-line either.)

Regardless, watch the video. It’s nice to see him on the court.