Links to the Present: September 8th, 2009

September 8th, 2009 by John Krolik

-LeBron James: Still undecided about 2010. Francisco Franco: Still Dead.

-And AI is becoming the NBA’s version of Brett Favre. You’re a 6th man now. Deal. And over on SLAM Online, the AI-related comments on the “top 50″ articles are officially starting to go into self-parody.

-Bummed I won’t get to see Sessions in LA next year, although this does mean more Bassy, which I fully support.

-The fabulous Brett LaGree on LeBron’s autobiography. My only issue is that he got a copy before I did.

-I promise I won’t link ot Eric Freeman over at Plasma Pool anymore in the near future, because it’s been brought to my attention he doesn’t actually write about basketball anymore, but his comments on QT’s Inglorious Basterds could not be more spot-0n.

-I also discovered Mad Men power rankings today. Brilliant.

-That’s all for tonight, unfortunately. Tomorrow, something good, hopefully. There’s still almost two months until the season starts, terrifyingly.