Links to The Present: September 2nd, 2009

September 1st, 2009 by John Krolik

First off, sorry for the slight player profile delay: it became obvious when I started thinking about this that Z’s profile is going to take some serious thought, so you’ll have to be a little patient with me. Until, then, some links:

This Rubio thing absolutely infuriates me. Drives me crazy. Nothing I hate more in sports. Anyways, here are some good takes on the situation that at least attempt to give it a positive spin, from the THN’s Howlin T-Wolves blog and blog God-Man Britt Robson.

As it’s unofficially Michael Jordan week around the web, I’ll just say this: I didn’t figure out that Michael Jordan was actually in peril of losing any of those championships until I was about 15 years old, which is around 8 years after the fact. I was just starting to get into sports when he was on his final championship runs, and basically saw him as an invincible God who could never be defeated at anything basketball-related. Whatever he really did back then, there’s no way he possibly could have been as good as I thought he was, and in some ways I feel like I’m happy with things being that way.

ESPN panels like the Cavs to finish first in the East and LeBron to stay in Cleveland. I mean, hooray? All things like this really do is put more pressure on the team, so I don’t really get psyched about “respect” from the national media. Do others feel differently? Sound off, guys.

I skipped Shaq vs. tonight, although I did catch a scene of him buying a bunch of little-leaguers ice cream out of the truck and then the little leaguers giving him batting tips. In that 60 seconds, I pretty much got all I wanted out of the show. Then I’d had enough. And it’s not like my TV schedule was stacked-I ended up watching Tool Academy 2. If I’m not the target audience for this show, who is?