With the fourth pick, the Cavs select Jonas Valanciunas

June 20th, 2011 by John Krolik

I think this is another really easy pick if Jonas is on the board. I see Irving as a solid NBA point guard with a high ceiling and a low floor, and I see Valanciunas as a prototype center in today’s NBA. He doesn’t score much in the post or stretch the floor much, but he loves playing defense, is a true 7-footer with athleticism and reach, doesn’t take bad shots, ever, crashes the boards like a wild man, and loves to score garbage buckets and score on pick-and-rolls. That’s Tyson Chandler, that’s Joakim Noah. I LOVE those guys. And the 85% free throw shooting is a huge bonus.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Cavs trying to trade up for Williams, but I think Jonas and Kyrie can give the Cavs a young, effective point guard/center combination with no questions about their “true position” or bad habits they’ll need to get rid of if they want to be effective in the NBA. I’ll take that all day, every day. Maybe I’m just talking myself into things, but I think this is another no-brainer pick.