Links to the present: September 1st, 2009

September 1st, 2009 by John Krolik

Invader_Gir_by_Anatagasuki.png Gir Wants To Be A Mongoose image by Bohemianchase

Let’s start with some good news: This mixtape track, released in conjunction with LeBron’s documentary “More Than A Game,” is absolutely freaking epic. Holy crap. I was thinking that this was one of the best dream-team collaborations I’d ever heard and maybe this song of the summer before Eminem came on, and then HOLY CRAP. He just absolutely destroys everything that came before him, and the stuff that came before him was really, really good. Wow.

And for more shiny, happy, things, you can check out this NBA TV segment about LeBron’s dunks. For me it’s a bit of a meh-I’m a Bruce Blitz guy when it comes to these things. And for the last time, Duncan was actually in perfect position on that play. LeBron just jumped over him. There was literally nothing else he could have done. This bothers me for some reason.

So, Stephen Jackson. Not happening. No chance. None. The Cavs don’t want him, as he’s not a bona fide star or even a guaranteed starter on this team, and by my rough math he’s owed $15 million dollars after the day the Mayans predicted the world is going to end. There is no possible chance. And if the Warriors trade him in a salary dump after signing him to a 3-year extension without an agent being involved, all hell is going to break loose. And on a team that needs role players, Jackson’s greatest strength is his versatility. And who knows how he’d re-adjust to not being a captain anymore. There is no reason to talk about this further, as I see it. If it happens, I will be completely dismayed, disappointed, and shocked. Stranger things have happened, but I really don’t see this one as a “developing situation.”

I know I’m probably like three years late on this, but this might be my new favorite website.

Alirght, guys, that’s about all there is for right now. Tomorrow, a player profile, hopefully; we’re starting to move into the big-boy territory. And by the way, for new additions, the posts I wrote about them when they came will function as player profiles, because it would be completely redundant if they didn’t. Until later, campers.