Links To The Present: August 28th, 2009

August 28th, 2009 by John Krolik

Alright, here are some ultra-quick links in the 15 minutes I have in between classes today:

I’m still kinda on the fence about Twitter for a lot of reasons, but once in a blue moon you get to see something like this unbelievable twitter saga from Natalie Sitto of I recommend going through this immediately and with extreme prejudice. There’s definitely some stuff in there about new media, what it’s like to work on the internet and then adjust back to who you are in the real world, what it’s like to be a woman who’s an actual sports fanatic, and the shifting definitions of public and private information. Also, it functions as a truly terrifying nightmare and cautionary tale for a guy in the age of Twitter. Also, it’s hilarious. Please go read this.
The initial MVP predictions are in from ESPN, and it’s LeBron out in front by a wide margin. It’s going to be interesting if he’ll be able to avoid “repeat fatigue,” especially without a championship to his name-playoff disappointments often hurt MVP chances the next year. I think if the voters can find a way to give it to Wade or Howard, they will. And CP3 will be unjustly ignored again.

This Rubio thing is one of the most frustrating sports stories in recent memory. Nothing worse as a sports fan than getting the chance to see the best play get taken away. Nothing.

FreeDarko on Beasley. Worth a read.

Picked up Inherent Vice while I was buying my school books today-I’ve only read Crying of Lot 49 all the way through so far, and failed my first attempt to finish Gravity’s Rainbow,which wasn’t at the store-Pynchon fanatics, help me out. Is reading this fluffier Pynchon going to somehow taint my image of him before I get into the heavier stuff, or are the fundamentals enough the same so that this will function as another good introductory text? Also, it would probably make me happy just to know I have Pynchon fanatics who read this blog.

Alright, class in 3 minutes. Have a good weekend, campers.