Hey, did I end up linking you last night? August 27, 2009

August 27th, 2009 by John Krolik

(Most of the time, these pictures honestly to have something or other to do with the post itself, but since I didn’t post yesterday and only have a link dump for you today, I humbly present golden retreiver puppies as an act of contrition.)

First off, a link to myself: I missed y’all last night because I was up until the wee morning hours writing up this post on the WNBA for SLAM, so check that out if it catches your fancy.

And now, onto the absolute truckload of Cavs-related news that’s come out in the last few days:

-I know I’m waaay late on this, but LeBron’s Sunday Conversation was not the most confidence-inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. “No matter what happens, Akron will always be my home,” sounds a lot like “No matter what happens, we’ll always be friends.” It’s not the end of the world, but those who thought that this possible departure was all “media” conjecture will be hard-pressed to justify those comments. I stand by my party line on this whole issue, which is that his decison will be almost entirely a function of how close the Cavaliers get to a championship this year, although I truly don’t believe his mind’s made up. At this point, the only people I think are wrong about the “LeBron 2010″ issue are the people who believe they’re absolutely right about what decision he’s going to make.

And now, a bunch more things:

-The Cavs have officially signed Danny Green to a two-year deal. I love it, I think he was a steal, and I think he’ll be a rotation-quality NBA player for a long time.

Wall Street Journal conjecture on whether or not Shaq and LeBron will work together off the court. With two personalities that big, it’s honestly a fair question. And it’s not one that’s going to be answered by how they act for the cameras.

The inspirational Lance Allred is an author. Obviously, he’s a guy you simply have to wish the best for.

-Finally, Brian Windhorst on the possibility that backup center Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ gigantic expiring contract could be moved at the trade deadline. Definitely something to think about, although the Cavs would really have to be bowled over to risk that much flexibility in the Summer Of Doom.

-Unfortunately, I’m afraid that’s all I really have for you guys tonight-it’s been a crazy week for a bunch of reasons, but I’ll do my best to roar back for you with something fantastic to send you into the weekend with tomorrow. My apologies again: my promise to you is that if more weeks like this end up happening now that I’m back at school, I will look into bringing a 2nd writer on board. But for now, I’ll do my best to satisfy you all by my lonesome. Until tomorrow, campers.