Second-Favorite Team: Super-Extra Special Double Director’s Cut!

August 21st, 2009 by John Krolik

Full disclosure: The bloggers of the TrueHoop Network were recently comissioned to talk about their “second-favorite teams.” The aggregation of these efforts should be up on TrueHoop sometime over the next few days, barring unforseen complications. But in the meantime, we’ve been encouraged to post the “full” versions of our posts on our sites. So this is me, doing that. Enjoy, and have a good weekend. (As with everything I attempt to cut-past from Gmail, the formatting sucks and I can’t fix it, because God hates me. Sorry.)

I’m going to have to hedge on this one. If I’m going to engage in illicit fandom with a team, I want them to have a sense of unified purpose. Basically, I want the entire team to be composed of players who share the same basic objectives and characteristics, but still compliment each other enough so that they don’t make each other redundant. And I definitely favor offensive, fast-break, post-positional small-ball clubs over “traditional” ones, although I do appreciate a team like the Spurs, who are so committed to Pop’s vision and really play as a larger unit on both ends.

This year, it feels like there are a few clubs who were one move away from grabbing definite “2nd favorite team” status, but as it is there’s a bit of a pile-up going on. If the Thunder had drafted Rubio or Steph Curry, it almost definitely would’ve been them. (Nothing against Harden, who was probably the right pick but he’s a prototype 2 and doesn’t make for as fascinating a dynamic with Westbrook as Curry or Rubio would’ve. I also really wanted to see a Roddy Beaubois-Westbrook backcourt, so I’m mad they traded him.) The Warriors were so close to actually making an Anthony Randolph/Amare Stoudemire starting frontcourt a reality, which would’ve sealed the deal for them. I love CP3, but the Hornets’ constant fire sales are a turn-off. My dark horses would be the Clippers and Raptors-if they can make it work, they’re going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Under duress, I’d go with the Warriors, even though a little bit of the magic left with Baron. And last year, the team felt like a random collection of shoot-first guards, developing big men, and a coach drinking a bit too much of his own kool-aid. But Monta/Steph Curry is definitely intriguing, Captain Jack is still there, and of course, there’s Anthony Randolph. A Randolph/Amare frontcourt would’ve been about the most amazing thing ever, but alas. Nevertheless, the Warriors still have a lot of unique talent and that insane, go-for-broke mentality, so there’s still a soft spot in my heart for them. Even if I’ve gone from “We Believe” to “We’re Cautiously Optimistic.”