Drawings from Notebook of Chris Grant, (episode three):

May 29th, 2011 by Ryan Braun

Well, this turned out to be prescient. (I drew it last Thursday.)

My non-pictorial thoughts—for the record:

If I’m Chris Grant and I get the opportunity to add Derrick Williams via the 4/8 for 2 trade, I do it.

I couple that sentiment with the belief that ultimately, Derrick Williams is not a 3 and thus he and J.J. would be in direct competition for a role that only one of them could fill. (J.J.’s never been an invigorating bench player, and we wouldn’t be drafting DW at 2 to mimic Paul Millsap.) While I’m not sure that Derrick is the more talented prospect—which is both a defense of J.J. and a minor indictment of DW, who, turns out, is not quite the athlete he’s purported to be—DW strikes me as the more reliable one. In the end, I think reliability trumps even talent, and it’s not like Derrick Williams is a slouch of a talent.

Also for the record: I legitimately love our occasionally wayward J.J., could see him having a 20 and 10 season next year, and if this deal fails to materialize I take back every word of what I just wrote.

Happy Sunday everyone :)


(One more note: this week’s picture was colored by my friend Nico Colaleo, who is a super-talented cartoonist with a website worth checking out if you’re at all interested in that sort of thing.)

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