Does Drafting Kyrie Irving Present Problems?

May 24th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

From SBNation’s Matt Conner:

If Kyrie Irving is the No. 1 overall choice for the Cavs, that speaks volumes about two primary things concerning the team and the draft. First, it insinuates the team is committed to a long-term rebuild that ignores the present value they currently possess on their roster — current point guards be damned. That might not mean a fun team to watch this year, but it also means the Cavs aren’t interested in mediocrity.

The cited article addresses some of Chad Ford’s concerns that Irving will not be selected at number one because the Cavaliers already have Ramon Sessions and Baron Davis. This strikes me as pre-draft chatter that doesn’t amount to much. If drafting Kyrie Irving means Ramon Sessions has to ride the bench or find a new team, I think every Cavs fan is at peace with that.