Cavaliers Draft Speculation Roundup!

May 18th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“The Cavaliers team shop isn’t going to start printing Kyrie Irving jerseys tonight. But maybe by next Wednesday or so, the order will be ready to be placed. The Cavaliers winning the lottery means the one-and-done point guard out of Duke is almost assuredly coming to Cleveland with the first pick on June 23… His process now will be to show, both in medical exams and in workouts, that’s the toe ligament injury is healed and that he can be an explosive playmaker. If he does, Cavs coach Byron Scott will be smiling.” [Zac Jackson]

“With a chance to try to establish the core of the franchise going forward thanks to the Cavs having the 1 and 4 picks, the circumstances may have changed.  And I can’t help but wonder Arizona’s Derrick Williams and Kentucky’s Brandon Knight wouldn’t be a better fit together than Irving and anyone else the Cavs would pick at #4.” [Michael Curry]

“[Chad] Ford also has the Cavs taking Turkish center and former Kentucky basketball player Enes Kanter with the fourth overall pick. He believes Kanter, while raw, can bring some much needed toughness and an inside-out game to the Cavaliers’ offensive attack.” [Sayre Bedinger]