And Then This Happened: Cavs 09-10 Schedule Released

August 4th, 2009 by John Krolik

Most important news first-I would be a horrible Cavs blogger if I did not link to this video of Delonte West Rapping in a KFC parking lot.

As promised in the title, here’s the Cavs schedule for next year. I don’t really have time to go over it right now, but the notables seem to be:

-The season opener is against Boston in the Q. After a few easy ones, the season starts in earnest with @Knicks, @Magic, and @Heat in consecutive games, all on national TV, with the Magic/Heat being a back-to-back. Big early measuring stick.

-Christmas day is @LA this year, and it’s the last day of a 4-game road swing.

-Only other big road trip is a five-game swing that starts off with Denver and Portland, but settles down with Golden State, Utah, and the Clippers.

From there, have fun, plan your trips, and get excited. Cavs basketball is on the horizon.