Wednesday night notes and errata

July 29th, 2009 by John Krolik

Just general notes and errata for today:

Again, it is with heavy hearts that I go on with this blog. I shall recover, but the waiving of Tarence Kinsey has hit Cavs: The Blog hard.

Schedule came out today: Celtics for the season opener, and Lakers on Christmas Day. It’s a coincidence, like how Santa gives rich kids more presents.

Shaq has challenged David Beckham, presumably at something other than which one is more overpaid. Can we please keep Beckham from ever being relevant in America ever again? I don’t like when soccer tries to sneak into my country by using pop stars and heart-warming independent films with Keira Knightley in them. And, in all honesty, it’s not really a contest of who’s more overpaid between Beckham and Shaq. Bernie Madoff deserves his money more than Beckham deserves what the Galaxy paid him. For any NBA star thinking of going to Greece when the 2011 labor dispute hits, look at Beckham and feel the fear of God.

Two ultra-ultra quick thoughts on the trades:

I can’t believe Nellie let go of Marco Belinelli. He can really, really really shoot the ball. It sounds massively hyperbolic, but he’s one of the better “pure” shooters in the game today: whichever way he’s moving when he goes to shoot, he squares his shoulders and tucks his elbow like you’re supposed to.  .502 eFG% on jumpers with only 63% of them being assisted is impressive. He’ll replace a lot of what they lost when we got AP.

When they were drafted, wasn’t Emeka supposed to be a dominant defender and Ty Chandler supposed to mature into an unstoppable offensive force? Now they’re being traded as very good role players, with Emeka a stronger offensive player while Chandler is mainly a defensive guy. Law of unintended consequences.