Bob Finnan’s Insider Retrospective

April 26th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

Bob Finnan has a slew of stories from behind-the-scenes during the Cavs 2010-11 campaign, including an anecdote about being interviewed on SportsCenter about a game of which he had seen only three quarters:

I was live on “SportsCenter” not knowing who had won the game. I tried to get online quickly to check out the final score, but my wireless connection was slow.

I had to judge by the tone of their questions who had won the game (of course, the Grizzlies did).

Being quick on my feet, I got through the ordeal with flying colors. Thank God they didn’t ask about a last-second shot or something like that. I would have been cooked.

Read the whole thing here. It’s a pretty interesting read, and a pleasant exploration of the weirdness of being a beat writer for an NBA team.