Lottery Odds

April 25th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

From John Bena at Fear the Sword:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves – 250 combinations, 25.0% chance of receiving the #1 pick
2. Cleveland Cavaliers – 199 combinations, 19.9% chance
3. Toronto Raptors – 156 combinations, 15.6% chance
4. Washington Wizards – 119 combinations, 11.9% chance
5. Utah Jazz (via NJ) – 88 combinations, 8.8% chance
6. Sacramento Kings – 63 combinations, 6.3% chance
7. Detroit Pistons – 43 combinations, 4.3% chance
8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via LA Clippers) – 28 combinations, 2.8% chance
9. Charlotte Bobcats – 17 combinations, 1.7% chance
10. Milwaukee Bucks – 11 combinations, 1.1% chance

Just a reminder of where the Cavs sit in terms of the lottery odds, since we’re only four weeks away. You know those moments in the playoffs when LeBron would drive, draw three defenders, then kick it out to Mo Williams, who would take aim, rise, and fire, and you—having already watched Mo clank many similar attempts off the rim—would feel a distinct sense of helplessness as the ball hurtled towards the rim? That’s what watching the lottery will be like for me. And if we end up with the 7th and 12th picks, I wouldn’t be surprised if I incredulously exclaim “[Gosh darn it], Mo!”