Is This Draft Deeper Than It Appears?

April 20th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

From FS Ohio’s Sam Amico:

No, there aren’t many superstars expected to emerge from this draft. No, there are no Kobe Bryants or Kevin Durants. But yes, there are still a lot of prospects whom NBA types can’t wait to see — even without Barnes, Jones and Sullinger.

According to People Who Know Things, this draft has the potential to be particularly deep. Which: it might rain next Friday, but then again, it might not. But this a time of year for optimism, and the Cavs can use that massive LBJ trade exception to buy picks on draft night. If they can turn a chunk of that exception into Marshon Brooks and Marshon Brooks turns out to be a rotation player down the line, I think we’ll all be pleased.