Cavs Will Draft for Talent, Not Need

Chris Grant via Bob Finnan:

“We’d never pass on a star to fill a need, regardless of position.”

The translation: “if Derrick Williams is sitting there at two or three, we’re taking him.”

By the way, it seems every team that has more than a 5% chance at the number one pick will take Kyrie Irving except for the Wizards, who have John Wall. Then again, the T-Wolves are run by David Kahn, who might draft Harrison Barnes, then spend the next nine months bargaining with Roy Williams as Barnes regresses and shoots 31% from the field in ACC competition and scouts begin to wonder if he will ever play in the NBA. There’s a precedent for this.

Nate Smith
7 years 9 hours ago

Kyrie/Williams might be Oden/Durant all over again. Kyrie and Oden looked better on paper, but the injury history scares me.

7 years 22 hours ago

Take Kyrie if he’s there, and trade sessions, I’m sure someone will try to grab him. If you can’t get Kyrie, go for Williams. Or hell, with two lotto picks, mayb you get lucky and score both!

7 years 1 day ago

I like Chris’ mentality of acquiring the best possible talent, no matter what the position. If you look at our roster, we don’t have any real standouts. BD could be considered our best player right now, but he is not a piece you add for the long term future of any team.

So in reality, we need to find the best players we can possibly find and then worry about how to make them fit in the roster. Yes, I believe a center and a pg are our greatest needs but at this point I’m open to any added talent.