Random Playoff Thoughts Extravaganza!

April 19th, 2011 by John Krolik

Wow, what an opening weekend of playoff games. Just to prove I’ve been working, here’s some stuff I’ve done in the last few days from the NYT’s ¬†Off The Dribble blog, Pro Basketball Talk, and a different website. And here’s me being interviewed for a few seconds on Good Morning America. A few completely scattered thoughts on the playoffs:

-Didn’t it seem like the NBA was pretty darn top-heavy coming into the playoffs? The Spurs, The Lakers, The Heat, The Celtics and The Bulls all had a legitimate case as the title favorites, The Mavericks and Magic still looked dangerous, and the Thunder and Nuggets were up-and-coming. A few days later, the Spurs and Lakers both have a home loss, the Bulls barely survived the Pacers twice, and Celtics look razor-thin without Delonte and Shaq healthy. The Heat have looked good so far, but we all know that the real test for them will come when they have to deal with the Celtics, the Bulls, or whoever comes out of the West. The league looks a lot more wide-open than it did a few days ago.

– Every time I’ve interacted with Lamar Odom, he has been an absolute prince. He’s overcome some incredible tragedies in his life. He’s one of my favorite active players in the NBA. But from a fan-to-fan perspective, there has never been a better way to rub salt in a wound than “Hey, at least there’s a new episode of Khloe and Lamar on tonight.”

– Part of me wants to remember that the Magic went 0-2 when Dwight Howard scored 30 or more points in their first-round game against the 76ers in the 2009 playoffs, and we all know how that worked out. (CURSE YOU RASHARD LEWIS.) Another point of me thinks that Dwight’s supporting cast is miserable, and the Magic should probably sell non-flammable Howard jerseys in the team store next season. And that Dwight should lose Jim Gray’s number.

– I fully recognize that I cannot be objective about whether losing Carlos Boozer and lucking into Anderson Varejao in a “crap, we really need to replace Carlos Boozer” trade was actually a blessing in disguise for the Cavs, because it’s too painful to believe otherwise. But still, watch Boozer’s performance in game one again and tell me there’s not at least an argument to be made.

– Derrick Rose is everything he’s cracked up to be, but watching Chris Paul go off in person on Sunday was a special experience. That man is a perfect basketball machine when he’s rolling on all¬†cylinders.

– I am president of the non-Denver chapters of the Nene fan club. Tell me why his impending free agency isn’t a much bigger deal. TELL ME.

Okay, that’s all for now. Until later.