Links To The Present: April 14, 2011

April 14th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“Though the Cleveland Cavaliers will play their final 48-minute contest of the 2010-11 season, several players on the Wine and Gold are already discussing offseason plans to practice together even once team facilities have closed for the summer.” [Scott Sargent]

“I’m going to learn from this experience of having a losing season, not being as good as we thought we could be — but you have to deal with the injuries and take that into consideration. But for the most part, I look at it as a learning experience and it drives me for the next year to get better.” [Byron Scott, who is humble]

“I would like to play another month or so. Our young guys are starting to get it and understand what’s going on.” [Byron Scott, who has got to be flipping kidding me]

On The Twitters

“I can’t imagine Harrison Barnes would really come back to school, but maybe the thought of playing for the Timberwolves really is that bad.” [Zac Jackson]

“Still thinking it over, say reports. Decisions, decisions. RT @cfaddict: I thought Harrison Barnes was staying another year?” [Eric Knappenberger]

“Ryan Hollins, a $2.5mm player option for next season, says he wants to be back in Cleveland. #Cavs” [Scott Sargent]

A Format Note

With the regular season over and daily Cavs news slowing down, I’m going to start posting individual news items rather than doing a daily roundup–sort of a “news as it becomes available” format. So if Kyrie Irving works out for the Cavs, I’ll let you know. If there are trade rumors swirling around Antawn Jamison, I gotcha. If some fat guy who looks a lot like Baron Davis is spotted at a chicken wing joint with hot sauce in his beard, I will put my head through a wall, then provide you guys with a link and some commentary.

I’ll be doing Links To The Present through the end of the week, then I will start posting relevant Cavs news as it happens. With the monotony of a dreadful regular season finally concluded, we now have the offseason and all the optimism that comes with it. I’ll do my best to chronicle it for you guys, so we can all talk about how Draft Pick X’s ability to create off the dribble is Jason Kidd-esque and maybe feel a little less dead inside.