Recap: Cavs 100, Wizards 93 (Or, The End)

April 14th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: The Cavs ended their season by picking up their 19th win of the season. Ramon Sessions led all scorers with 27 points, and J.J. Hickson added 15 points and 13 rebounds.

So Long, and Thanks For All the Swish:

The season’s over. It doesn’t really feel right, does it? For the last five seasons, this is the day where the real fun started. Not so this season. It’s over, and there won’t be any more Cavs basketball until the start of next season, and we don’t even know when that will be.

All we know is this: the worst is over. LeBron left. The process went poorly. The team got bad. The team got very bad very fast. The team lost more consecutive games than any other NBA basketball team in the history of the universe.

As much as I’d like to say they were fighting hard during that stretch, the truth is they were not. Everything has to go wrong to lose 26 games in a row, and everything did. There were injuries. There were important role players missing. But most importantly, the team just didn’t seem to compete on most nights. Maybe they didn’t know how to, maybe they didn’t want to, but the fact is that they did not play like anything resembling a basketball team on a lot of those nights.

Slowly, something happened. The light bulb finally went off for J.J. Hickson. Ramon Sessions played like an All-Star in February, and after an adjustment period, he started to look good as a scoring threat off the bench. The team started to care about defense, if only a little bit. Ryan Hollins looked like a competent offensive center when he could dunk at the rim. Baron Davis, to my utter surprise, gave the team a huge shot in the arm and the on-court leadership it needed.

All those players will be back, and more are coming. Varejao will be healthy. The team will, hopefully, have learned from last season’s training camp and focus on implementing a solid defensive system from day one. Two lottery picks are coming. There is something here. It won’t turn around overnight. It might not turn around in one season. It might not turn around for two seasons. But there is something here.

This team is not going anywhere. These fans are not going anywhere. The season is over. The worst is over. There are better times ahead, and the journey to them will be so much fun.