Trials, Dunks, And The Devil’s Weed

July 23rd, 2009 by John Krolik

Best LeBron Harmless

(Picture originated by me, developed with input from Kevin Arnovitz and .jpg work by Kyle Weidie of sincere thanks to them both, obviously.)

So, first off, the trial is over and a verdict has been delivered, so I should start to put together some decent posts fairly soon.

With that said, let’s get some stuff out of the way:

The Dunk Video has been unveiled. One of my great failings, and I say this honestly, as a Cavs blogger is that I just find it pretty hard to take this kind of stuff seriously. I’m sorry, I just find the whole thing kinda funny. But inasmuch as it’s possible to draw conclusions from something like this, here’s what I have:

-This thing, like a lot of things with Kobe and LeBron, is a Rorschach blot. If you hate LeBron, then he’s showing his true prideful nature by whining and having the tape pulled because his ego can’t handle it. If you’re a LeBron guy, this is a nothing incident that’s been blown way out of proportion by people that hate LeBron, and the dunk wasn’t even all that bad to begin with. Hell, one could say that LeBron being so crazy about this shows that LeBron has the kind of intense, borderline sociopathic competitive streak that Jordan was so renowned for. They still tell stories about how Jordan played in every fantasy camp.

Also, it’s obvious and it has been said before, but the coverup here is far worse than the crime. If nobody had said anything, there is no way that video ever becomes news. It’s not all that impressive, and you wouldn’t know it’s LeBron unless someone told you. Unless Jordan Crawford is on the cutting edge of viral marketing strategies, this thing would have gone away instantly if nobody had made a stink. Just another lesson in how turning the other cheek is pretty much always the way to go.

Then, of course, there’s this. I mean, come on now. The president has admitted to past cocaine use to zero fanfare, and we’re going to make a big deal out of an admission that he smoked pot years ago when he was in high school? Please. I love how the meat of the article deals with how LeBron felt like the media and the fame was tough to deal with and he felt like he had a target on his back, then the AP headline is LEBRON TOTES HIT THE WEED! Clearly, he didn’t screw his life or health up all that badly. But to be clear, kids reading: LeBron’s not good at basketball because he smoked weed. This is ridiculous, and this blog is going to treat it as such.

UPDATE: Poster “MYoung23″ at points out that LeBron actually admitted to marijuana use before he was drafted in a NEXT Interview with ESPN the Magazine in December 2002:

“People ask me if it’s a hard decision going to the NBA, but I’ve made harder decisions,” he says. “Decisions about smoking or going to school, or stealing from a store or not stealing. Those are harder decisions. Yeah, I smoked weed. When it’s around family, around friends, of course you want to try it. I tried it a couple of times. But when you get on the court and your wind ain’t there, that’s when you’ve got to just stop doing it. So the NBA decision ain’t a hard decision compared to that.”

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