Recap: Cavs 97, Pistons 91 (Or, WIN #14!!)

March 26th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: Baron Davis had 16 points and 5 assists in his first game back from back spasms, and the Cavaliers managed to get a win over the Detroit Pistons.

Hey, they actually won bullets:

Hickson looked great. Find a seam, take one or two power dribbles, and finish hard at the rim. Not a lot of jumpers, not a lot of¬†unnecessary¬†movement with the ball, not too many shots in traffic. Just quick, calculated basket attacks. That’s his game. Baron being back helped, but Hickson looked good when he wasn’t on the floor as well.

When Baron is on the floor, Ryan Hollins looks like a passable offensive big and Luke Harangody looks like a passable offensive four. It’s really not very difficult to get easy shots when Baron is on the floor.

Baron’s still hitting his threes, which is deeply strange. Hey, I’m not complaining. And that dagger three was very nice. There’s no denying that Baron has an “it” factor that no other Cav possesses.

Ramon looked confident early, then completely disappeared after Baron came in for the first time. At least he wasn’t forcing things like he was during his slump.

Anthony Parker shot 50% in February and has shot 33% in March. I suspect not getting traded may have taken something out of him.

No real complaints defensively — the only easy baskets the Pistons got were on Greg Monroe offensive rebounds. Good, solid game against a bad team. Let’s see if the Cavs can finish the year with a little momentum.