Notes and Errata: March 25th, 2011

March 24th, 2011 by John Krolik

The heck with it, let’s talk about the NCAA tournament.

Why was I not informed that Derrick Williams shot freaking 60%/58%/74% this season? Does anyone realize how completely insane that is? And he’s athletic? And in the 99th percentile in isolation situations? And reportedly cares about defense? What possible reason on Earth did people have for talking about Perry Jones more than this guy? Yes, it is embarrassing that I know nothing about college basketball. Still, holy lord. I’m totally fine with plugging that dude in at the four next season, even if he projects as something of a tweener.

Irving should still definitely be the first overall pick, though. He has all the production and the physical tools, and adding a real point guard makes everything better in a hurry. 28 points on 15 shots is pretty impressive, especially considering he missed nearly the entire regular season.

Of course, I decided to watch the Jimmer game in its entirety and toggle to Kemba and get dinner during Arizona/Duke. Naturally, Jimmer couldn’t buy a shot. I am a 100% reliable college basketball jinx. I actually wasn’t too discouraged by what I saw. Jimmer is not going to be firing 34-footers off the dribble with 16 seconds left on the shot clock in the NBA. We have known this for many moons. But he can knock down open threes, he can handle the ball, he can pass a bit, and he’s surprisingly strong around the basket. In the right system, he’ll be just fine. And I have to think his defense will get better when he actually has to play it.

Jeremy Lamb had the quietest insane scoring performance in the history of man. 24 points on 26 true attempts? Are you kidding me? Still, Kemba Kemba Kemba.

As of now, my Big Board:

1. Irving

2. Derrick Williams

3. Harrison Barnes

4. Valanciunas

5. Kemba

6. Sullinger

In NBA news, ANTHONY RANDOLPH. That is all.