Recap: Nets 98, Cavs 94 (Or, Misery loves repetition)

March 23rd, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: The New Jersey nets were able to pull of an overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. All five Nets starters scored in double-digits, and J.J. Hickson had 17 and 17 for the Cavaliers.

Why yes, we did just lose a home game to a team that shot 34% bullets:

Well, the defense was decent enough. That will happen when your opponent’s offense is being initiated by Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, and Travis Outlaw, but I’ll take it.

The offense was terrible. Too much Ramon Sessions driving with no intention of dishing. Too much Samardo Samuels forcing shots from the low post. Too much J.J. Hickson floating around the perimeter. No quality sets, no quality movement, no quality looks.

The late-game execution was non-existent. Ryan Hollins fouled every carbon-based life form in sight over the final stretch of the game, including some completely¬†unnecessary¬†loose-ball fouls when the Nets were in the bonus. And he couldn’t stop Brook Lopez from tipping in his own miss to tie the game with four seconds left. Ryan Hollins has the basketball IQ of a feather-tail possum. It is a little-known fact that feather-tail possums have the lowest basketball IQs of the entire possum family.

There were no offensive bright spots in this game. There was no one player who showed that he could consistently create good opportunities for himself or his teammates. Another miserable loss. 12 games left to go.