Recap: Magic 97, Cavs 86 (Or, 13 games until the draft)

March 22nd, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: In a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indicates, the Cavaliers were manhandled by the Orlando Magic en route to a 86-97 loss. Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass had 50 points on 18-21 shooting from the field.

This team is small up front and bad at basketball bullets:

Well, Samardo and J.J. weren’t going to be able to guard Dwight Howard unless they got a pre-game treatment from Rita Repulsa, so I guess it’s hard to get too mad about 28/18/4/4/4. The Cavs couldn’t handle him when they had the best record in basketball. Now they have the worst. Would have been nice to see the Cavs take anything away from Bass, though.

Yes, J.J. followed up a promising shooting performance by going 6-14, but at least he took it to the paint consistently. You may think that it’s a bad sign that J.J. tried to take it to the paint against Howard rather than trying to work at his mid-range jumper, but I am of the opinion that it is always better to see J.J. trying to go to the rim. Also, J.J. belongs in the paint with Dwight Howard like Boobie belongs in the octagon with Jon Jones.

Speaking of Boobie, he shot the team back into the game! With the injury and the team being awful, this is kind of a lost year for him, and I don’t see him being moved this off-season. All we can do is hope that he has some performances like this next season. And that there is a next season.

Eyenga shot well, but everything is a jumper. I do not like that he has taken 69 threes and 19 free throws in the NBA.

The starting backcourt, not wanting to be left out, was also terrible.

It’s a problem when the Magic can blow you out without making a third of their threes. Then again, it’s also a problem when you lose 56 of your first 69 games. This team is not good.

The Cavaliers have won as many double-digit games in the NBA this season as the cast of the Spider-Man musical. They have lost 35 more double-digit NBA games this season than the cast of the Spider-Man musical. They have put on the same number of official Broadway shows as the cast of the Spider-Man musical.