Links To The Present: March 18, 2011

March 18th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“In a spectacularly poor showing, even for them, the Cavs made just two of 14 shots (14.3 percent) in the first quarter, allowed Portland to shoot 69.6 percent (16-of-23) and dominate the boards, 15-3. Is it any wonder the Cavs trailed, 37-12, at the end of the opening 12 minutes?” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“There is nothing to learn from losses like these, no area in which the Cavs did even OK. They were hammered in every way imaginable, and the bottom line on this season is it cannot end soon enough.” [Sam Amico]

“Jamison is back now for the rest of the season. He took a week off after surgery and returned to Charlotte, N.C., since he was helpless with one good hand. He spent some time with his kids before returning to the Cavs’ kids and his role as a different type of fatherly mentor.” [Jason Lloyd]

“I’ve known Baron pretty much since I got in the league. I always wanted to play with him and know what he brings to the table. For me it’s even more frustrating to know he’s here and I have to wait until next year to play with him. Hopefully, we both are here and we can do some great things together here as well.” [Antawn Jamison via Mary Schmitt Boyer]

On The Twitters

“S/O to my big Bruh @aldridge_12 for consistently being a Beast all year long! Much luv & #Respect.” [Boobie Gibson]

“‘Our team is so soft mentally its unbelievable’ – Coach Scott” [realcavsfans]

“Only #Cavs starter with an assist is Samardo Samuels.” [Jason Lloyd]