Recap: Thunder 95, Cavs 75 (Or, when the Baron’s away, nothing good will happen at all.)

March 13th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: Russell Westbrook scored 12 consecutive points in the third quarter of a 95-75 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On the bright side, this kind of thing doesn’t seem as normal as it did a few months ago bullets:

– Yeesh. Nothing good to take away from this game. No execution, no effort.

– Razor Ramon has officially imploded, and he’s not defending his position either. We’ll see how much longer he keeps that starting spot.

– Samardo Samuels has turned back into a pumpkin, and Hickson isn’t doing much other than rebounding. And Harangody enjoyed an 0 for 8 night.

– Honestly, this will have to be another open thread night, because I’ve been trying to think of profound things to say about this game all day and drawing blank after blank. The Cavs absolutely sleepwalked, and they are starting two players who were summer-league pickups. That is not a good combination.

One question to think about. Harden has finally started to come into his own for the Thunder — in a bizarro world where Varejao had been healthy at the deadline and the Thunder had been willing to trade Harden for him (they wouldn’t have been, and given that they got Perkins, that was probably the correct course of action), how happy would you have been with Harden instead of Varejao?