Recap: Warriors 95, Cavs 85 (Or, Uncle Boom Dizzle, who can recall his past disappointing stints with teams)

March 8th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: Monta Ellis and Baron Davis combined to score 47 points in a 95-85 defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Baron Davis was the high scorer for the Cavaliers with 19 points off the bench.

And now there’s point guard controversy bullets:

So, Razor Ramon is completely unraveling before our eyes. In the three games Baron’s played in, Sessions has shot 13-42 from the field and hasn’t been passing the ball terribly well either. He seems to have completely regressed to the Ramon we saw at the beginning of the year. He’s forcing drives, he’s not looking to pass, and he’s killing the spacing. Having Samardo in the starting lineup instead of Jamison makes it easier for teams to collapse on Ramon, so that isn’t helping. Or maybe having Baron outplaying him and looming over his shoulder is throwing him off. Either way, I want this to end. I love Razor Ramon.

That said, Baron has looked pretty darn good. He’s making RYAN HOLLINS look like a legit big. And he’s making his shots. Watching Baron drain threes is like watching The Godfather again and seeing Sonny get through the toll booth safely, but I’ll take it. Baron’s swagger is at maximum velocity right now. Cavs were -15 in the 17 minutes Baron sat on the bench.

Samardo: chill out, dude. I think some of Scott’s comments may have gotten to his head. I like Samardo, but he should be thinking Jason Maxiell, not Paul Millsap. He was horrendous tonight — bricked jumpers, holding it way too long down low, turnovers, nightmare.

I am sure there are reasons for playing Alonzo Gee over Manny Harris. I am not sure what they are. Gee can rebound, but he’s not much of a defender and he can’t shoot. Manny should be getting those minutes.

Hickson: rough game. He’s not catching the ball, he’s not moving well without it. I wonder if the lack of spacing is having an effect on him.

AP: Too many one-dribble pull-ups. Eyenga: waaaaaaaay too many jumpers. I still have Eyenga as a part of the young “core,” but let’s just say his name is written in pencil instead of pen right now. He’s still very, very raw both in his skills and his approach to the game.

RYAN HOLLINS. GOSH DARN. If this was your first time seeing Ryan Hollins, you’d think he was a top-10 center in this league. He’s big, he can jump, he’s alive, and he can move. That’s often enough. The alley-oops you expect to happen when the right guy is throwing them. Some of the strong moves inside were a pleasant surprise. But the hard shows on pick-and-rolls? Where did that come from? If he can keep doing that, he’s more valuable than Eyenga is to this team.

Speaking of pick-and-roll defense, neither Samuels or Hickson were particularly good at it tonight.

As for the Warriors, they took the game when Monta started raining in threes in the third. With Ramon in the Twilight Zone, there wasn’t much the Cavs could do when the Dubs made their run.

Steph Curry is just flat-out good at basketball. He absolutely looks like a guy who had a ball in his crib and never really let it out of his sight. The ball-handling, the shooting, the way he understands angles, the confidence. What a special, special offensive talent. Although I LOVED seeing Baron post him up for a layup. How many guards do that anymore?

That’s all for tonight. Until later.