Recap: 76ers 95, Cavs 91 (Or, Down goes Jamison, down stay the Cavs)

February 28th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: Antawn Jamison broke his finger in the third quarter of a 91-95 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. Ramon Sessions and J.J. Hickson combined for 42 points, and were the only players to score 20 or more points.

And now Jamison is gone bullets:

– Let’s talk about the Jamison injury. This is a potentially huge opportunity for the Cavs to get someone willing to work hard on defense in the starting lineup and finish the season/the first games of the Baron era on a respectable note. However, it remains to be seen if the Cavs’ wafer-thin frontline will be able to replace Jamison’s sheer shot creation. I think a replacement-level forward who works on defense would make the team better.

However, I’m not sure if Hollins, Harangody, Erden, or Samardo fit that bill, and I don’t know if Graham can guard fours. The best scenario I can think of is Hollins or Erden starting at center and moving J.J. to power forward, but I’m afraid of J.J. floating back to the perimeter at all. Maybe the Cavs should try and develop Eyenga into a LRMAM forward with his length? Probably not. Or just give Manny Harris the starting four slot. And start Baron at the three. Might as well have fun, right? I need to play NBA 2K less and sleep more.

– I am not saying anything about Jamison here, who by every account is the class act to end all class acts. I’m just saying that if the trade deadline had passed, I was on a last-place team, and I suffered a hand injury, I’d make ABSOLUTELY sure that hand was 110% okay before practicing again. I mean, really absolutely sure.

– Loving Hickson. More offensive rebounds (9) than attempted jump shots (4). Now we’ll see what happens to him without Jamison in the starting lineup.

– Oh, Ramon Sessions, how many more 20/10 games on 13 shots will you be allowed to have? In February, Sessions has averaged 19.9 points per game, 8.8 assists, and shot 56.3% from the field. I’m not saying Ramon doesn’t have serious problems, and I’m not even ready to definitively call him the point guard of the future yet. I’m just saying that if Jonny Flynn was doing this, people in Minnesota would be losing their collective poop.

– Gibson hasn’t been the same since that injury. Maybe Sessions should be the one getting pissed about Boobie calling himself the “King of Cleveland.”

– I’m hoping Parker’s 1-8 was an anomaly and not a “crap, I don’t get to play for the Bulls and Rasual freaking Butler does” thing.

That’s all for tonight/this morning. Until later.