Summer Hoopin and Jury Dutin': EXTRA SPECIAL THURSDAY EDITION!

July 15th, 2009 by John Krolik

-Tywon Lawson is honestly out to break my heart. Maybe the biggest point in his favor was his otherworldly scoring efficiency at NC; he’s gone ahead and started his NBA career 1-15 from the field. That’s 7% shooting. That will improve, but yeesh.

-Meanwhile, Andray Blatche continues to make his case for the inaugural class of the Summer League Hall of Fame with Nate Robinson, Anthony Randolph, and Sergio Rodriguez. There is nothing he can’t do on a basketball court at 6’11, and no mistake he won’t make.

-Demar is  starting to come around and settle into his role as a scoring option.

-Brandon Jennings is making the case that he’s every bit as talented as people thought when he was killin’ it for Oak Hill.

-It looks increasingly likely that Lamar Odom will not be a Laker next season; if Bynum is finally healthy and ready to go this season, that crunch-time five could feature 3 different players from the championship crunch-time 5.

-Two things on this: Kobe and Pau are so good that they’ll almost definitely be contenders anyways.

-Also, if other elite teams can shake up their lineups that much, then we shouldn’t shudder at the idea of bringing in a Kleiza and inserting him directly in the starting lineup along with Shaq, assuming we still have a move for a “stretch” 4 like Kleiza in our holster. Preserving the status quo is comfortable, but you can never rest on your laurels in this league. It’d be true even if the Cavs won the championship, and it’s certainly true now.

(And yes, I realize I still haven’t written my post that outlines why Shaq would, in a perfect world, come off the bench for this team. Argue about this while I’m in court listening to the professionals argue.)