Summer Hoopin’ and Jury Dutin': SPECIAL TUESDAY EDITION!

July 14th, 2009 by John Krolik

-Some good news coming out of Cavs Summer League today, as both Eyenga and Tarence Kinsey were able to put up 17 and 22 points on >50% shooting, although they combined for exactly 0 assists on the day. Good to see Kinsey playing well and recovering from the John Krolik Recommendation of Death.

-Speaking of, remember how Danny Green was showing amazing promise as an efficient shooter and defender off the bench? 0-5 from the field today.

-Oh, and Tywon Lawson, my absolute favorite player in this draft? 0-7 from the field in his Summer League debut.

-Although perhaps all of those things were made up for by the complete and utter beasting of Anthony Randolph, who is probably my absolute favorite non-Cav in the league, and certainly the league’s leading provider of awesomeness in its least refined form. I’m sorry, but if some part of you doesn’t love Anthony Randolph, then you go to pet euthanizations on your lunch hour.

-Speaking of, Steph Curry had a nice day passing the ball, but he continued to struggle with his shot. I know patience is the play here, and have little doubt he’ll figure it out in a season, maximum. But darn it all, he’s the guy that was the dealbreaker for a potential Amare/Anthony Randolph frontcourt. I want amazing, and I want it immediately.

-Julian Wright has been suspisciously quiet in Summer League over his first two games. I would’ve expected the arena to be the Julian Wright Center by the time he was done with his summer league.

-For me, the best Cavs news of the day might just be that the terms of the deal Lamar Odom turned down from the Lakers were reportedly $30 million/3 years or $36 million/4 years, and that’s with the “home-town” discount” Odom claims he’s giving the Lakers. Basically, the chances of us getting Odom, who’d be a great fit on paper in a lot of ways, with the money the FO ended up giving Varejao were probably extremely slim. Whether Odom or Varejao would ultimately be the better choice is a debate in and of itself, but I’ll sleep a little easier now that I know the “what if?” wasn’t all that realistic.