Links To The Present: February 17, 2011

February 17th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“The Cavs, who hadn’t won since Drew Carey was chubby until the Los Angeles Clippers came to town six days ago, Wednesday night beat no less than the other — somewhat better known — Los Angeles team. That would be the Jack Nicholson/Phil the Zen coach/Kobe the Black Mamba/Ron the riot inciter/NBA champions the last two seasons Lakers, who went down, 104-99, at the House of Flaming Swords.” [Bill Livingston]

“Just when I was beginning to lose faith.  In the middle of the player-led mutiny in the NBA, where star players are making pre-arranged deals to play together in the sports big cities, the Cleveland Cavaliers won one for the little guys, upsetting the two-time defending World Champion Los Angeles Lakers 104-99 at The Q.  It was, I’ll say, one of the great wins in Cavaliers history and for one night made me proud to be a basketball fan.” [John Bena]

“This might be asking a little too much, but with the 26-game skid behind us, could we see a consistent effort on a nightly basis? The win against the Clippers was great. Solid effort all around, inspired play. The loss to the Wizards was just pathetic. Why must the Cavaliers have an embarrassing letdown after such a great game? After the 15-point loss to the Wizards, I was quick to assume that the Cavaliers were back to their old ways. In my defense, I had every reason to make that assumption. The Cavs were lazy, carless, and appeared generally uninterested in Sunday night’s game, and then last night happened.” [Conrad Kaczmarek]

“Good for the Cavs. You definitely didn’t expect the Lakers to have another letdown in Cleveland. But I’ve played with a few of those guys in Cleveland and they want to win.” [LeBron James via Brian Windhorst]

A slightly more upbeat Mary Scmitt Boyer talks trades, trades, trades, and Byron Scott.

John Ireland has a tumultuous journey in his future.

And here’s the Eyenga dunk on Pau Gasol. Drink it in, Cavs fans.

On The Twitters

“First Important Thing: There could be no greater boon to a sooner resurgance than the sudden emergence of Ramon Sessions. #Cavs” [Eric Knappenberger]

“Antawn Jamison says his calf was knicked in the final play, but he is fine. #Cavs” [Scott Sargent]

“B Scott: Tmrw when i get back to LA, I’m going to walk around w my chest out a bit like I walked around pissed off when we got beat by 50.” [Zac Jackson]

“I like it. Skyeyenga” [Christian Eyenga]