Links To The Present: February 15, 2011

February 15th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“There’s no question that JJ’s performance on the court has been outstanding, for the most part, in recent weeks. It would appear that coach Byron Scott has helped JJ achieve a real breakthrough and he’s given Cavs fans something to feel good about with regard to the future of the franchise. However, none of this means that questions don’t still linger.” [Andrew Schnitkey]

“Now that The Streak is over, we go directly to Ohioans for a ruling: Do you put 26 straight L’s with an injury-shredded, post-LeBron roster down there in the two-word pantheon with The Drive, The Fumble and The Betrayal?” [Marc Stein]

Boobie Gibson’s left quad is bothering him again. He tweaked it in Sunday’s loss to the Wizards, and his status for Wednesday’s matchup against the Lakers is uncertain. If he is unable to play tomorrow night, it’s likely Ramon Sessions will get some increased burn. Byron Scott had discussed reducing Sessions’ minutes now that Mo Williams is healthy, but that plan has been put on hold.

Since the Cavs–barring massive, rapid improvement–will pick somewhere in the top 4 of this year’s draft, WFNY has compiled some mini-profiles of several top college players who are likely to leave for the NBA this June.

On The Twitters

“BScott going to ‘work their asses off’ every day on D until #Cavs players get it right. Guys still getting lazy on D for stretches, he says” [Jason Lloyd]

“Remember Vince Carter’s waning days in Toronto? You’ll see a lot of that with a franchise tag in the #NBA. It’s an end run around UFA status” [Michael A. Young]

“‘Mark Price for THAA-REE.’ #NaturalBornShooter RT @CONCEDE: Happy Birthday Mark Price!!! #Cavs #GloryDays” [Eric Knappenberger]