Recap: Wizards 115, Cavs 100 (Or, of course.)

February 14th, 2011 by John Krolik

Overview: The Washington Wizards got their first road win of the year, and they got it pretty easily. The Wizards absolutely punished the Cavaliers with their size and athleticism, and have now won more games by double-digit scores on the road this season than the Cavs have at home or on the road.

Everything about this team is miserable bullets:

If Mo Williams didn’t make that game-tying shot, J.J. Hickson got called for goaltending, and the Cavs didn’t rally to beat a 4-18 road team, this would be the low point of the season. In fact, 8-74 may have been in play if the Cavs didn’t pull off that win against the Clippers. Oh, and the Cavs haven’t won a game in regulation in their last 38 tries. This team could easily be on a 38-game losing streak.

On Sunday, the Cavs were coming off their first win in a month and a half and were playing a team that has not won a road game all season. And the Wizards were on the back end of a back-to-back. The Cavs got absolutely spanked. In fact, the Cavs haven’t played as well all season as the Wizards did on Sunday. That is absolutely awful. Let’s get into it:

This defensive frontcourt is an abomination. You know how long it took before Antawn Jamison had his first defensive breakdown that led to an easy score? Twelve seconds. The Wizards won the tip, and ran a Wall-Blatche pick-and-roll. Jamison moved towards Wall without actually preventing him from turning the corner, then began to jog back in the direction of Blatche as Wall hit him for an easy pass with a dunk.

You can say that Hickson should have rotated off of JaVale McGee to prevent the dunk, but asking a lot of him in that situation — the Cavs are not going to be competitive if they have to play four-on-five on defense. By the way, the Wizards drained two open mid-range shots on their next two possessions because Jamison didn’t rotate correctly.

Speaking of Hickson, he was nearly as bad as Jamison on defense. Bad shows, blown assignments, miscommunications, you name it. Antawn Jamison is easily the worst defensive forward I have ever seen in my life, but Hickson isn’t a whole lot better defensively. Jamison and Hickson make Blatche and McGee look like Duncan and Robinson.

Offensively, Hickson couldn’t build on his big performance against the Clippers — he’s still taking it inside and crashing the boards, but he rushed a lot of shots at the rim and had problems with McGee’s length.

Mo Williams looked about 400 steps slow on both the offensive and defensive end. I know Mo made a big shot and some nice passes against the Clippers, but Sessions isn’t much worse on defense than Mo is and is clearly the superior offensive player. Trying to pretend that Mo Williams can lead an effective offense is doing nobody any favors.

I take big performances by opposing players with a grain of salt since the Cavaliers are an insult to defense, but Nick Young was freaking immolating. The Cavs had no answer for his size, length, and ability to hit pull-up jumpers. That was an impressive performance.

Not sure what to make of John Wall. He may be one of the five best open-court scorers in the league, and he’s a nightmare when he finds a passing lane or a driving lane. However, he REALLY can’t shoot, but he’s JUST competent enough with his shot to keep tossing them up. Even though the Cavs couldn’t stay in front of Wall at all, he shot 8-19 from the field and 2-9 on shots from outside of 10 feet. If he gets comfortable with his shot, he’ll be unstoppable. However, that’s a really big if.

That’s all for tonight. This is not good. This is not good at all.