Links To The Present: February 11, 2011

February 11th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“The losing streak is now 26. The collapse is 36 defeats in 37 games. The record is 8-45. The Cavaliers’ season is now in clear violation of the Eighth Amendment, which forbids cruel and unusual punishment.” [Mike Lopesti]

“While losing 26 straight games in any sport at any level is mind-boggling and almost impossible to do, this new level of rock bottom for Cleveland that has reached horrific proportions goes far beyond just the departure of LeBron James.” [Nick Carrabine]

“We’re all unhappy when it comes to winning and losing, we’re all unhappy with the way things are going, but [there has been] no indication about job being in jeopardy or anything like that.” [Byron Scott via Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“We are beginning to hear murmurs that the┬áChicago Bulls may have eyes for Parker, especially if he can prove his back is 100% after he missed 8 games in January. ┬áParker wouldn’t bring the Cavaliers much – likely a 2nd Round pick – but draft picks are assets, assets that can be used in a package for bigger assets.” [John Bena]

On The Twitters

“Mo Williams (hip) will play tonight versus the Clippers.” [Scott Sargent]

“I’d kill for Mike’s tell-all. RT @gmyers04 Brown talking about Sloan on ESPN. Was asked how it is to have a player try to run your team.” [Eric Knappenberger]