Links To The Present: February 7, 2011

February 7th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“I thought coming into this season that winning as many games as possible in hopes for an 8th seed in the playoffs would serve as a building block of sorts to help this franchise move forward. In hindsight that would have only delayed the inevitable, which is this painfully numbing season we’re experiencing right now. It had to happen sometime, and no time like the present I suppose.” [Brendan Bowers]

“Despite reports by ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Cleveland Cavaliers were not considering the trade of center Anderson Varejao for Byron (BJ) Mullens and/or Cole Aldrich from the Oklahoma City Thunder, a source close to the team tells WFNY.” [Scott Sargent]

Things like this are sort of silly, but, um, the Cavs’ losing streak has lasted 16 days longer than William Henry Harrison’s Presidential term.

And Larry Pantages remembers the last time the Cavs were this unequivocally horrible.

On The Twitters

“Detroit/Eminem/Chrysler TV ad had 2 fire U up whether U are from Detroit, Cleveland or any other midwest urban town that’s on comeback road.” [Dan Gilbert]

“Cavs look to avoid outright history in Dallas tonight (“Twenty-five? In a row?!”). Hope Aguilera hung around to improv another new anthem.” [Eric Knappenberger]