Cavs: The Blog: The Twitter is now a reality

July 7th, 2009 by John Krolik

Yes indeed, folks. I am officially the last blogger in America to set up a Twitter.


Cavs: The Blog: The Twitter! In all its glory! Mine might not be the only Twitter on the NBA blogosphere, but I’m reasonably sure it’s the only Twitter with a name that rips off a joke from The Weekenders.

I used to have moral-type obligations against Twitter, and still harbor some deep down inside, but have decided to pull a full-on Garcetti on the issue for two main reasons:

1. Shaq is on the Cavs now.

2. Nobody cares about my fight against Twitter.

3. Screw it.

So there it is-we’ll see how all of this works out. Don’t expect obsessive tweeting as I don’t have a BlackBerry or anything like that (In fact, half of the screen is broken on my normal phone, so every text message is kind of an adventure), but hopefully I can be on top of news a little better, get to you guys a little faster, and communicate those little ripostes that just won’t fit in a post. So join me, campers, and let’s figure this thing out together.