Just A Few Things

July 6th, 2009 by John Krolik

-Ultra-Ultra Quick:

-Obviously, I’m as excited as everyone else about the thing with LeBron telling Ariza he’s staying past 2010. But it’s not time for a gloating, all-caps AAH SUCK ON IT EVIL MEDIA I HATE THE MEDIA THEY’RE A BIG FACELESS ENTITY AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE GOOD WRRITURS AND LESS MEDIA CUZ I KNOW LEBRON AND HE’D NEVER GO U MUST BE MEDIA IF YOU THINK THAT quite yet.

Right now, all indications point to LeBron staying, as they have for some time with his public statements. For Cavs fans, I don’t think anyone’s ever really fully wrapped their head around a scenario where LeBron would actually leave, so the status quo feels pretty much the same for me. But an alleged promise isn’t a contract. A contract is a contract. I don’t know LeBron personally. I don’t know Ariza personally. I don’t know this alleged “source.” I’m not a mind reader. When he decides, he’ll decide. Until the ink is dry, let’s chill on this.

-Meanwhile, we were ready to throw core money at Ariza? He’s kind of a taller Delonte clone with more size and less playmaking and shooting, isn’t he? He’s either a show starter at 2 and pushes Delonte to the bench or becomes an uber-Wally off the bench himself. 55 million dollars, or even the full-mid level it looks like the Cavs were willing to throw down, is not uber-Wally money. I’m confused by the logic on that one-this worries me we’re going to spend money to spend it this off-season. Shaq’s expiring, so he’s harmless, but we’ve got one big signing left for the forseeable future. Let’s make sure it’s the right guy.

Speaking of, now that Toronto is COMPLETELY capped out and has an alpha-dog like offensive guy in Hedo, aren’t they playing 2010 for Chris Bosh? I don’t really forsee a realistic scenario in which he comes to Cleveland and becomes LBJ’s Gasol (I think Miami is more likely), but the possibility just went way up.

Rasheed Wallace getting Big Baby’s minutes is going to be really, really good for the Celtics. He’s a perfect fit. Freaking Celtics. Although Rasheed has now officially earned his spot in the Carlos Boozer Memorial Shrine of  Hate, deserved or not.

My Jason Kidd pipe dream is officially over. And Kidd’s one of the few guys who can still get real value out of Marion. Oddly sensible moves from Dallas this off-season.

Okay, waking up for work in 6. Until tomorrow, campers.