Well, that’s the worst cavs-related canada day I can remember.

July 2nd, 2009 by John Krolik

(To be fair, this is also the only Canada Day I can remember, period.)

Just a few here-and-there type notes for today:

From the comments, it is clear that not only am I the only person who loves Tarence Kinsey, but it is actually offensive how much I love Tarence Kinsey. I concede. I realize that I am way more excited about Tarence Kinsey than any rational person should be. Yes, he is far from complete and may very well not be in the rotation next year. But God almighty, I’m sick of people on the Cavs just standing on the weakside and waiting for LeBron to give them a three. There are other ways to be effective off-the-ball, and Tarence subcribes to that theory and does the little things. I get excited about these things.

One last clarification: I consider Delonte a “combo guard,” a guy who can play the 1 or the 2, rather than a “swingman,” a guy who can play the 2 or the 3. That’s why I neglected to mention him in discussions of prior and current Cavalier “swingmen.” Accuse me of not loving my country, my family, or my school. But do not accuse me of not loving Delonte West enough.

So Charlie Villanueva will not be a Cavalier next season. (My soon-to-be irrelevant thoughts on Mr. Villanueva can be found here.)Part of me is bummed, but part of me is definitely relieved. 40 million over 5 years is just way too much money for a guy with as many questions surrounding him as Charlie V. I was fine with giving him the mid-level, but I wasn’t ready to go all-in with an under-30 “core” going forward of LeBron, Delonte, and two guys that Bucks thought were expendable in consecutive off-seasons.

However, the downside here is that now Fegan has leverage, the Cavs don’t have a power forward, and there’s just not enough room in the paint for a center and power forward with no outside shot at all, especially not with LeBron looking to drive as much as he does. I’m waiting to see what happens with this. Even when the Cavs sweep the Pistons, they’re a pain in the ass. Although that team is still a mess.

It looks pretty much official that someone else is going to be able to woo away Jason Kidd, who was my biggest off-season pipe dream for months now. That does bum me out, although he was a long shot to begin with and pretty much an impossibility after the Shaq trade.

And the Clippers somehow find a taker for Zach Randolph. Is it a coincidence that Charlie V and Zach end up changing teams on THE SAME DAY after I revealed their freakish similarities in by-possession offensive metrics? Yes.

Keeping it short and sweet tonight, guys. Have a good one, everyone.