Links To The Present: January 19, 2011

January 19th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“The rebuilding process is underway, and I’m operating under the belief that we’re halfway through the hardest part.  That is my belief, do not convince me otherwise, it took many losses for me to get here, so just let me operate this way.” [Brendan Bowers]

Byron Scott is choosing to make equivocal statements at this point in an attempt to turn this horrid season around. His orders: play defense or sit. One can assume if he stringently enforces this rule, we may see some 2-man lineups in the near future.

Boobie Gibson has finally recovered from his ankle injury and is reportedly ready to go against the Suns tonight.

And another WFNY Cavs Mailbag in which Scott Sargent addresses J.J. Hickson’s ceiling, trade scenarios, and the NBA Draft, also known as the only things Cavs fans can talk about these days without feeling compelled to raid their kitchen drawers for silverware to put into their eyeballs at various angles.

On The Twitters

“Mo Williams Injury Status Uncertain #Cavs” [FearTheSword]

“Just as I suspected the 100 little blogs that started up while LBJ was in town have almost died out.” [realcavsfans]

“I think that’s called irony RT @jose3030 Since Lebron’s “Karma” tweet? Miami Heat have lost 4 in a row” [Scott Sargent]